one of those days

Have you ever been a class at a community college, get to know someone even though you never talk to each other? I’ve been there. I got to know someone, starring at this person every day, learning psychologically how this person thinks, lives, and works with society.  Oddly enough that this was an intro to psych class.  And to add to this my cheating backstabbing boyfriend at the time was in my class as well sitting right next to me.  This didn’t stop me from starring and learning about this person.  As the days pass I walk up the stadium seating to my seat while looking the way of this person. The saddest part about this is meeting this person on a dating website.  This person was so stuck up into their work and education that they didn’t notice long enough that someone was noticing them.  After speaking to this person for the first time, I felt sad.  I never gave up on the thought that this person might notice me one of those days that I walked up to my seat.  This person remembered me but not from that class, could never tell me how they remembered me.  I really didn’t care anymore about this person it was a waste of my time.  But honestly how could you never notice someone walking past you for days in a class? Moral of this story never stop looking, learning, and noticing people.  They may think that your crazy, but they will forget you unless you make an impression on them.  This only is the best beginning to a great relationship whether it be friendship or something more than that, you will never know.  

Spelling vs. Texting

As Valentine’s Day passes I am ever so delighted to say that I am SINGLE, and not loving it.  This is not because I have been staying under a rock hiding.  Honestly, for the men out there did you forget how to spell you, your, you’re, there, their, they are, there’re, yes, no, does, doesn’t, doing, going, since, sense, etc.  Instead of u, ur, ur r, thur, there, thur r, thur re, ya, nah, dose, dosent, doin, goin, sense, and since.  Please, please, please open a dictionary on top of this most smart phones have auto correct, USE IT!  I know I make my English errors, but it is nowhere near this bad as I have experienced.  Do your parents spell like this? Did you think that a woman of my age (21), and an education of becoming a doctor would be fooled by UR lack of spelling? Yeah, umm sorry buddy, no!  Ok honestly if you are in a complete hurry and you need, and I mean need to use the letter U for you, go ahead but don’t make it a traditional texting habit.  Unless you are brainless there is no reason why men cannot learn how to properly spell.  By the way men, this is a huge turn on for women! We love a man who is intelligent and knows how to spell.  By all means show the woman you love that you are an educated man!!!  So moral of this blog, men learn how to spell this will only help you in the long run.   

Some days

I am sure everyone has that one day that you look around and find nothing productive that you did.  I have these days a lot when I am sick, in bed for hours, and just not feeling that well to get up.   Even though that is a very normal procedure for people to stay in bed and rest while sick, I personally feel disgusted with myself.  While others may feel great after rest, fluids, and medications I feel worse!  Don’t take this as I am complaining more that I am trying to understand my balance while being sick.  Like I said before, there has to be someone just like me, right? This gets worse when it is cold outside, but the sun is so bright.  I get so excited to go out and enjoy some of the rays, but then I am greeted with COLD! Almost like cruel punishment for being sick, not to forget my 18th birthday years ago that I had the swine flu … umm thank you.  To continue a rant for women mostly, one word…  period.  Ahhh yes, the monthly, mother nature, the dot (although it one hell of a huge DOT), Aunt Flow, and the ever so famous putting it right there in front of you PERIOD! I am sorry for the men reading this as this pertains no help in understanding nor a guide on “how to handle your woman while she is on her period”, that blog will come later.  So all together, I am sick and on my period maybe that was a TMI moment for those of you reading this, but hey it is my body and how I feel.